Evil Eye

Mal de ojo, 100', Mexico 2022
Language: Spanish , Subtitles: eng, slo

Mal de ojo still

In a desperate attempt to relieve their daughter Luna from an unknown ailment, Rebecca and Guillermo take her and her sister Nala to their grandmother’s countryside estate. But soon, mysterious things start to happen. Is it just local superstition or are there sinister forces at work?

Already with his first three films The Incident (2014), The Similars (2015) and Parallel (2018), Mexican director Isaac Ezban garnered success at international festivals, such as Fantastic Fest and Sitges. But with his new folk horror Evil Eye, he delivered a true sensation, for the film became the third highest grossing Mexican film of 2022, while thrilling the audiences at all most prominent festivals. This year at Grossmann, it will thrill you too!

Mal de ojo poster
Directed by: Isaac Ezban
Written by: Felix Armando Rosario Viñals, Edgar San Juan Padilla, Isaac Ezban
Cinematography by: Isi Sarfati
Music by: Camilla Uboldi
Cast: Ofelia Medina, Paola Miguel, Samantha Castillo, Arap Bethke, Ivanna Sofia Ferro, Klaudia Garcia
Produced by: Edgar San Juan Padilla
Production Company: Film Tank
Genre: horror

23. 06. 2023, 17:00
Culture House Cinema