Lunastajat, 92', Finland 2022
Language: Finnish , Subtitles: eng, slo

Redeemers still

It’s a day like any other for two cult missionaries: going door to door, spreading faith. It all changes when an unfortunate accident happens at one of the visits. All of the sudden, they are forced to play along with a strange live role-playing game in order not to get caught.

Finland strikes again! In their feature length debut, writers-directors Miro Laiho and Niko Kelkka provide non-stop tension, while never running short of deliciously dark jokes and always welcome bloodshed and gore. This extraordinary horror comedy had its premiere screening at Night Visions Festival 2022, where it was the first runner up in the Audience Award vote.

Redeemers poster
Written and directed by: Miro Laiho, Niko Kelkka
Cinematography by: Joni Helminen
Music by: Henri Vartio
Cast: Roope Salminen, Eino Heiskanen, Ilona Chevakova, Mikko Nousiainen, Joel Hirvonen, Johanna Kuuva
Produced by: Miro Laiho, Pekka Ollula
Production Company: Time Films
Genre: comedy, horror

20. 06. 2023, 17:00
Culture House Cinema Ormož