92', Canada 2022
Language: unknown language

Polaris still

It is year 2144 in a postapocalyptic wasteland where eternal winter rules. Young Sumi, raised by Mama Polar Bear, is on the run from a gang of vicious robbers. On her way, she encounters Frozen Girl, and together they race towards the Polaris star. But danger awaits along the way…

From the snowy realms of Canada, here comes a postapocalyptic sensation that will blow you away with merciless, realistic action, breathtaking scenes of wilderness and meticulous world-building, featuring fictional languages. This eco-feminist take on Mad Max, featuring all-female cast, is the second feature by KC Carthew, who has already received numerous awards for her debut The Sun at Midnight.

Polaris poster
Written and directed by: Kirsten Carthew
Cinematography by: David Schuurman
Music by: Judith Gruber-Stitzer
Cast: Viva Lee, Muriel Dutil, Dinah Gaston, Khamisa Wilsher, Kara Wooten
Produced by: Paul Cadieux, Kirsten Carthew, Max Fraser, Alyson Richards
Production Companies: Little Dipper Films Inc., Megafun Productions, Alyson Richards Productions
Genre: action, sci-fi

24. 06. 2023, 19:00
Culture House Cinema