In Memoriam: Mako Sajko

Mako Sajko Joze Pogacnik

With great sadness we share the news of passing of another giant of cinema, director and writer Mako Sajko, legendary author of documentaries.

Mako Sajko was the first formally educated Slovenian film director. He got his degree in 1959 from the High Education School for Film Acting and Directing in Belgrade.

With his short documentary masterpieces, such as Poison (1964), Attention Suicidals! (1967), Slavica Exception (1971), Promiscuity (1974) and Traditional Costume (1975), he dealt with various social issues, such as ecology, high suicide rate, unconventional lifestyles and creation of national myths.

In 2015, he visited us in Ljutomer, together with another legendary filmmaker, Jože Pogačnik, where we screened a special retrospective of his films. Prior to that, in 2012, he was guest of the G-Fest at Grad, where he received the honorary tree of paradise for lifetime achievement. Already in 1969, he received the Prešeren Fund Prize, which was followed by Badjura Award for lifetime accomplishment in 2009, and the France Štiglic Award for lifetime achievement in 2021.

In the immense grief we feel for losing the great artist and man, the only comfort can be found in his immortal films which will again and again find their way to new generations of film lovers.