Observatory/ The Telescope

21. 06. 2023, 18:30, Open Air Cinema Main Square Ljutomer


Originally, the title and the basic idea fundamentally finds its origin in Alcohol Machine gun cycle, in the beginning of the year 2005. The title of the origin of here presented sculpture was, Pistol for shooting Black holes. The enlarged horrific site of the revolver has applied function, so the basic shape is an excuse while meaning differs from intimate understanding of the whole composition.

Observatory as presented now is a result of team of authors (Nedim Hadžiahmetović, Robert Jurak and Izidor Zadravec) AKA, BKBF/ Bober Kunst Bildhauer Fabrik, a finalized composition that in a satiric way criticize the current cultural, social and political tendencies and the horror that they are creating of our everyday lives.

Horror is not simply a movie genre anymore, since spring 2020. it has become inseparable part of our everyday experience.