Live Concert: Koala Voice

Koala Voice can be described with indescribable listing of what is found while opening the most alluring drawers. Indie rock, pop, stoner rock, disco, even country. They can be described as a multi-lingual band that started in English, got stronger in Slovenian and added Serbo-Croatian. Koala Voice exists on albums. Four studio albums and one live unplugged.
Koala Voice are – since 2010 - Manca Trampuš, Domen Don Holc, Tilen Prašnikar and Miha Prašnikar.

koala voice siroko  NOVO jaka tersek cmyk 820 x 546

14. 10. 2023, 22:30

Občina Ormož
Grossmann Fantastic Film And Wine Festival
Gradimo prihodnost skupaj
Mladinski center Ormož
Veseli četvrtak