Comics Workshop with Miodrag Mikica Ivanović

mikica ivanovic strip

This year, we invite you to a very special workshop, held by receiver of the 2022 Honorary Vicious Cat Award for outstanding contribution to comic book art and author of this year’s poster, Miodrag Mikica Ivanović. He will be assisted by Pia Nikolič who already mentored a comic book workshop at our first edition.

The workshop will take place in one day. The young attendees will learn the procedure of drawing comics, from script and character development to the final product. They will be introduced to the basics of framing, panel layout, storybuilding and everything they need to know about making a quality comic.

Only a few comic book artist can boast with a such an immense body of work as Miodrag Mikica Ivanović, who started drawing his first panels in 1974. In 1982, he started working on licensed comic “Veliki Blek” for Dnevnik from Novi Sad. He made eleven episodes, nine of which were published, while two were lost and unpublished due to the breakup of Yugoslavia and the situation which it caused. Simultaneously with “Veliki Blek”, he also made short western stories as extra comics in legendary editions “Zlatna serija" and "Lunov Magnus Strip", for which he also drew more than 100 covers. He also worked on the “Mad Max” comic for Dnevnik. Since 1986, he was also working on “Ninja”, at that time very popular comic that was published by “Dečje Novine” in the “Eks Almanah” magazine. He made more than 25 episodes of this comic, along with numerous covers for the aforementioned magazine. Based on his work until then, he got an opportunity to work on licenced comic “Tarzan” for Novi Sad-based Forum/Marketprint in 1989. At the end of the 1980s, he was also working on horror comics for German market.

Mikica Ivanovic

14. 10. 2023, 13:00
Ormož Youth Center

Občina Ormož
Grossmann Fantastic Film And Wine Festival
Gradimo prihodnost skupaj
Mladinski center Ormož
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