Marko Dješka

Marko Dješka graduated at the Academy of the Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia, animation department. He is author of several award-winning animated films. With his latest film »All Those Sensations in My Belly«, he won 25 awards and accolades, while the film was screened at around 200 festivals around the world. In 2013, he published comic book album »Last Fan«, and was awarded as the best young comic book author at the Comics Salon in Vinkovci. He published short comics in numerous magazines and fanzines: Heavy Metal (USA), Aargh! (Czech Republic), Gorgonzola and Freakshow Comix (France), as well as in Croatia: Komikaze, Endem, Strip revija. He organizes OHOHO Comics and Street Art Festival in Zagreb and is one of the editors of OHOHOzine and Strip-PREFIKS magazine. He is also co-founder of the Animated Film Production Studies in Zagreb.

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