Malencolía, 75', Spain 2021
Language: Spanish , Subtitles: eng, slo

Malencolia still

After 10 years in Berlin, Sira and Pepe decide to give their lives a new direction by returning to Galicia. They buy a house in a village that they consider abandoned, but in which an unusual elderly lady lives with whom they will maintain a strange relationship.

In this low-budget masterpiece, writer/director Alfonso Zarauza shows himself as an expert in building a mysterious, tense atmosphere, in which we never know what's hiding in the abandoned village, while also offering an abundance of dark humour between the wonderfully fleshed-out characters, right until the absolutely surprising ending.

Malencolia poster
Written and directed by: Alfonso Zarauza
Cinematography by: Alberte Branco
Music by: Xavier Bértolo
Cast: Melania Cruz, Xulio Abonjo, Iolanda Muíños, Diego Anido, Ledicia Sola, Marta Lado
Produced by: Martín Calviño, María Yáñez, Alfonso Zarauza, Fernando R. Ojea
Production Companies: Maruxiña Film Company, Televisión de Galicia
Genre: thriller, horror

15. 07. 2022, 18:00
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