The Last Client

Klienten, 95', Denmark 2022
Language: Danish , Subtitles: eng, slo

The Last Client still

Psychologist Susanne has only one client left before she closes her office for the day. But Mark turns out to be something special, for he is a notorious serial killer who gives her an ultimatum: unless she cures him, she will be his next victim.

For all lovers of Nordic Noir, here’s a magnificent psychological thriller by director (and co-writer) Anders Klarlund who has received numerous awards in his career, from the Spanish critic’s Citizen Kane Award to the Silver Melies. In The Last Client, he is in full control of the narrative and takes the viewer through an elaborate powerplay, right until the shocking ending. The leading role is brilliantly played by Signe Egholm Olsen from the cult TV series The Bridge.

The Last Client poster
Directed by: Anders Klarlund
Written by: Anders Klarlund, Jacob Weinreich
Cinematography by: Mads Thomsen, Eric Zappon
Music by: Sanne Graulund
Cast: Signe Egholm Olsen, Anton Hjejle, Dan Zahle, Sara Fanta Traore, Silan Maria Budak Rasch
Produced by: Morten Rasmussen
Production Company: Deluca Film
Genre: psychological thriller

12. 07. 2022, 18:00
Music School Cinema Ljutomer