The Devil's Hideout

Lagunas, la guarida del diablo, 86', Spain 2022
Language: Spanish , Subtitles: eng, slo

Lagunas still

Josué lives a simple life. He takes care of the store he inherited from his father, as well as of his insane brother whom he must keep locked up. But one night his brother manages to escape, which will have gruesome consquences and will turn Josué 's life upside down.

After presenting his film Asmodexia at Grossmann 2014 (the film received special mention of the Vicious Cat jury), writer and director Marc Carreté finally returns with his new supernatural horror that will especially thrill all fans of the 80s genre cinema. The film boasts a dark, claustrophobic atmosphere, while the leading actor Joan Frank Charansonnet masterfully portrays the tortured (anti)hero.

Lagunas poster
Written and directed by: Marc Carreté
Cinematography by: Diego Aveiga
Music by: Jordi Dalmau
Cast: Joan Frank Charansonnet, Patrícia Bargalló, Miquel Sitjar, José García Ruiz, Joan Massotkleiner, Montse Ribadellas
Produced by: Marc Carreté, Joan Frank Charansonnet, Victor Perxachs
Production Companies: Creatures of the Dark, Patchouli Films
Genre: horror

10. 07. 2022, 17:00
Unterhund Cinema Ormož