Nosferatu: Eine Symphonie des Grauens, 94', Germany 1922
Language: silent film , Subtitles: slo

Nosferatu still

Real estate agent Thomas Hutter travels from Germany to Transylvania to meet Count Orlok who wants to buy a house in Hutter’s neighbourhood. To his horror, Hutter realizes that Orlok is a bloodthirsty vampire and that his town and wife are now in grave danger.

A hundred years ago, director F.W. Murnau made this absolute masterpiece of German expressionism, an unofficial adaptation of Stoker’s Dracula that has forever changed the shape of horror film and cinema in general. It featured the first unforgettable movie monster, brilliantly played by Max Schreck, and was also the first to use and establish numerous techniques and elements that have been emulated by virtually all horror movies later on.

The film will be accompanied by a live performance by Mitja Reichenberg.

Nosferatu poster
Directed by: F. W. Murnau
Written by: Henrik Galeen (based on the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker)
Cinematography by: Fritz Arno Wagner
Original Music by: Hans Erdmann
Cast: Max Schreck, Gustav von Wangenheim, Greta Schröder, Alexander Granach, Ruth Landshoff, Wolfgang Heinz
Produced by: Enrico Dieckmann, Albin Grau
Production Company: Prana Film
Genre: horror

09. 07. 2022, 19:00
Unterhund Cinema Ormož