Coming Home in the Dark

93', New Zealand 2021
Language: English , Subtitles: slo

Coming Home in the Dark still

Teacher Alan takes his family on a road trip. Pleasant times turn to a nightmare when they run into violent drifters Mandrake and Tubs. Alan will have to face unspeakable horrors, but above all he will have to confront a secret past.

Debut feature by director/co-writer James Ashcroft is a cruel and ruthless thriller which takes the viewer to the edge of darkness and beyond, taking no prisoners and pulling no punches as it reveals dark chapters from the history of New Zealand. With the role of violent but enigmatic Mandrake, Daniel Gillies created one of the most chilling villains in movie history.

Coming Home in the Dark poster
Directed by: James Ashcroft
Written by: Eli Kent, James Ashcroft (based on short story by Owen Marshall)
Cinematography by: Matt Henley
Music by: John Gibson
Cast: Erik Thomson, Miriama McDowell, Daniel Gillies, Matthias Luafutu, Billy Paratene, Frankie Paratene
Produced by: Mike Minogue, Catherine Fitzgerald, Desray Armstrong
Production Companies: Light in the Dark Productions, MPI Media Group
Genre: psychological thriller

16. 07. 2022, 16:00
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