Nelly Rapp: Monsteragent

92', Sweden 2020
Language: Swedish , Subtitles: slo

Nelly Rapp still


10-year-old Nelly loves monsters, vampires and zombies. When her daddy takes her to her uncle for holidays, she finds herself in a large and spooky mansion, full of surprises. She is soon surrounded by vampires, ghosts and werewolwes, amnd embarks on an adventure where everythinbg she previously believed is put to a test.

Nelly Rapp SLOposter
Directed by: Amanda Adolfsson
Written by: Sofie Forsman (based on books by Martin Widmark)
Cinematography by: Gabriel Mkrttchian
Music by: Uno Helmersson
Cast: Matilda Gross, Lily Wahlsteen, Marianne Mörck, Johan Rheborg, Björn Gustafsson
Produced by: Niklas Larsson, Jon Nohrstedt
Production Companies: SF Studios, Janson Media
Distributed by: Fivia
Genre: family, comedy, adventure

14. 07. 2022, 14:00
Music School Cinema Ljutomer