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eVil Sublet, 105', ZDA 2023
Jezik: angleščina , Podnapisi: slo

Evil Sublet still

A couple finds their dream apartment in New York’s East Village. Since the rent is low, they aren’t bothered with its bloody past and a bunch of murderous ghosts that haunt it. But when the situation escalates and living in the apartment becomes unbearable, they are forced to find a solution or die.

In his third feature, writer-director Allan Piper delivers his masterful take on horror genre, combined with black comedy and social criticism. Film was shot in an actual haunted apartment, and also features screen legend Sally Struthers’ horror movie debut. All aboard, this R-rated, scary, funny, gory, sexy rollercoaster awaits you!

Evil Sublet poster v2
Scenarij in režija: Allan Piper
Igrajo: Jennifer Leigh Houston, Sally Struthers, Charley Tucker, Pat Dwyer, Stephen Mosher, Leanne Borghesi
Producenti: Jennifer Leigh Houston, Beth Ann Mastromarino, Chris Pearson, Allan Piper
Produkcija: Speakeasy Productions
Žanr: komedija, grozljivka

20. 06. 2023, 19:00
Kino Kulturni dom Ormož