UK; 2017; 96 min; English language with Slovenian subtitles

Friday, July 13 at 21.00h CULTURE HOUSE CINEMA
Saturday, July 14 at 15.00h CULTURE HOUSE CINEMA

Written and directed by: Andy Collier, Tor Mian
Cinematography by: Fernando Ruiz
Music by: Chris Roe
Cast: Sarah Beck Mather, Andonis Anthony,
Jamie Satterthwaite, Johnny Vivash,
Ross Mullan, David J. Peel
Produced by: Andy Collier, Sean Knopp,
Toor Mian, Ross Scaife
Production Company: Loose Canon Films, Hydra Films
Genre: crime, horror

Andy Collier         Ross Scaife

Rookie detective Rebecca, struggling to find acceptance from her stuck-up colleagues, is investigating a series of brutal ritualistic murders. Things take even more sinister turn when the main suspect engages her in a mindboggling game of wits.

Police thriller blends with psychological horror in this tense story, underlined by an abundance of dark humour and splashes of grisly gore. Charismata doesn't try to reinvent the genre rules, instead it offers a thrilling ride, made with astounding technical skill and precise building of tension which culminates in a terrifying finale.

Andy Collier is a director and producer.  Charismata is his first feature as a director.  Next films in the pipeline are a Lovecraftian folk horror called The Colour of Madness (shooting 2019) and an adaptation of the award winning novel The German by Bram Stoker winner Lee Thomas.

Ross Scaife is a producer, known for Sky in Bloom, The Milky Way (Hydra RKM).  Together with Andy Collier he produced The Seventeenth Kind and Charismata, while they also work on upcoming projects The Colour of Madness and Perpetual.