A floresta das almas perdidas
Portugal; 2016; 71 min; Portuguese language with Slovenian and English subtitles

Thursday, July 13th at 23.00h CULTURE HOUSE CINEMA

Written and directed by: José Pedro Lopes
Cinematography by: Francisco Lobo
Music by: Emanuel Grácio
Cast: Daniela Love, Jorge Mota, Mafalda Banquart,
Lília Lopes, Lígia Roque
Produced by: Ana Almeida
Production Company: Anexo 82
Genre: drama, horror




Older man Ricardo and young woman Carolina meet in the sucide forest. They engage in conversation that temporarily distracts their minds from suicidal thoughts. But soon it becomes clear that one of them is not who they seem to be.

From Portugal comes a very interesting horror film that defies the conventions of genre cinema in an extraordinary way. Grindhouse meets arthouse in this visually stunning and dark film that has been very well received at numerous international festivals and has also won the best picture award at Bilbao Fantasy Film Festival.