USA; 2016; 98 min; English language with Slovenian subtitles

Friday, July 14th at 18.00h CULTURE HOUSE CINEMA


Written and directed by: Andrew Getty 
Cinematography by: Stephen Sheridan 
Music by: Mario Grigorov  
Cast: Sean Patrick Flanery, Dina Meyer, Frederick Koehler,
Michael Berryman, Kim Darby, Brianna Brown
Produced by: Michael Luceri, Robert Hickey, Kent Van Vleet
Production Company: Supernova LLC, The Writers Studio
Genre: horror


A lonely, mentally challenged young man starts communicating with is reflecion in an antique mirror that was given to him by his protective older brother. It soon turns out that the reflection has malicious intent, for it starts ordering the young man to do increasingly horrific deeds.

The story of making The Evil Within is perhaps even stranger than its extremely bizarre content. It is namely a passion project of wealthy heir Andrew Getty who has spent almost 15 years getting it made before he tragically passed away while working on postproduction, leaving the producer Michael Luceri to finish the film. It ended up being a truly unique horror rollercoaster, full of eerie scenes unlike anything you've ever seen on screen. Cult status guaranteed!