USA; 2017; 87 min; English language

Saturday, July 15th at 20.00h CULTURE HOUSE CINEMA

Directed by: Richie Moore
Written by: Raimund Huber, Richie Moore, Russell Geoffrey Banks
Cinematography by: Richie Moore
Cast: Russell Geoffrey Banks, Sara Malakul Lane, Margaret Roche, Kelly Woodcock, Champagne Nuttanun, Cecilia Belletti
Produced by: Aki Komine, Raimund Huber
Production Companies: Motion Pictures, Joyplex
Genre: horror

Each day, mentally unstable Oliver communicates with his dominating mother over the computer. They share an unspeakable secret. One day, during his daytime visit to local park, he meets attractive and innocent Sophia. Will their love survive?

Richie Moore gathered experience as a part of the film crew on films such as The Hangover sequels and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. His directorial debut is one of the most bizarre cinematic experiences ever, featuring a mother character that makes Margaret White from Carrie seem reasonably sane in comparison. Lovers of pitch-black humour will be delighted, but this grotesque gorefest is definitely not for the squeamish.