Mexico; 2017; 83 min; Spanish language with English subtitles

 Wednesday, July 11 at 17.00h CULTURE HOUSE CINEMA

Written and directed by: Issa Lopez
Cinematography by: Juan Jose Saravia
Music by: Vince Pope
Cast: Hanssel Casillas, Ianis Guerrero, Juan Ramón López, Paola Lara, Rodrigo Cortes, Tenoch Huerta
Produced by: Marco Polo Constandse
Production Company: Peligrosa, Filmadora Nacional
Genre: fantastic, drama

After her mother goes missing, 10-year-old Estrella joins a gang of street orphans who are on the run from vicious drug cartel leader El Chino. She is not afraid, for she has fierce tigers on her side, and three wishes at her disposal. But it turns out that wishes don't come true the way you want them to be.

This moving masterpiece, included in Guillermo del Toro's Top 10 films of 2017, is at the same time a fairytale and a horror story, lyrically fantastic and cruelly realistic, bleak and full of hope. With an ample dose of magical realism, director Issa Lopez addresses the issue of Mexican street orphans that had their parents abducted or killed by drug cartels. The film has received numerous awards at international festivals, among others at Screamfest in the USA and at BIFFF in Belgium.