A repartição do tempo
Brazil; 2016; 100 min; Portuguese language with English subtitles

Wednesday, July 12th at 16.00h CULTURE HOUSE CINEMA

Directed by: Santiago Dellape
Written by: Davi Mattos, Santiago Dellape
Cinematography by: André Carvalheira
Music by: Sascha Kratzer
Cast: Edu Moraes, Eucir de Souza, Bianca Muller, Rosanna Viegas, André Deca
Produced by: Santiago Dellape
Production Company: 400 Filmes, Doc Doma Filmes, Gancho de Nuvem
Genre: comedy, sci-fi

When a time machine turns up at a slow functioning Brazilian patent office, its incompetent boss gets a brilliant idea to duplicate the employees in order to increase productivity. But the doubles that he keeps locked up in the building's basement aren't going to give up their lazy ways without a fight.

If you ever encountered the slow working mills of bureaucracy, you will thoroughly enjoy this brilliant satire. Director Santiago Dellape's debut feature earned a special mention of the fantasy jury at this year's Fantasporto.