Thailand; 2017; 90 min; Thai language with English subtitles

Friday, July 13 at 15.00h CULTURE HOUSE CINEMA

Directed by: Siwakorn Jarupongpa
Written by: Siwakorn Jarupongpa, Komsun Nuntachit, Sukree Terakunvanich
Cinematography by: Chukiat Narongrit
Music by: No Sound in Space, Sathapat Teeranitayapap, Peerapat Kittivachra, Singto Numchok, Pannaruj Tummavijakpond, Thepharis Gunharatt
Cast: Natthacha de Souza, Nutthasit Kotimanuswanich, Todsapol Maisuk, Pramote Pathan, Kidakarn Chatkaewmanee
Produced by: Sangar Chatchairungruang, Uthai Khumkong, Pornchai Wongsriudomporn
Production Company: Transformation Films
Genre: horror, comedy

In a luxurious hotel, everything is ready for arrival of new guests. But little do they know that the heart of a brutally murdered girl is hidden inside a karaoke machine. Her ghost awakens and everyone who sings off-key will have to die until the identity of her killer is revealed.

A very special treat is coming from Thailand – a wonderfully weird horror/musical/comedy as you have never seen before! Its original premise, low-brow humour, infectious musical score and imaginative killings guarantee first-rate fun, while underlying strong social criticism comes as an unexpected bonus.