Montenegro, Serbia; 2017; 81 min; Serbian language with English subtitles

Tuesday, July 10 at 23.00h CULTURE HOUSE CINEMA

Directed by: Gojko Berkuljan
Written by: Ana Vujadinović, Gojko Berkuljan
Cinematography by: Nemanja Dabanović
Music by: Rade Vukčević
Cast: Mirko Vlahović, Mladen Nelević, Jelena Simić, Irina Dragojević, Aleksandar Gavranić, Zoran Vujović
Produced by: Marija Nikčević, Srđan Milošević, Igor Đuranović
Production Company: Trust, Cinnamon Production
genre: thriller

Retired detective Petar leads a monotonous life until his daughter, journalist Iskra, goes missing while researching an article. Petar is determined to get his daughter back, but his investigation soon awakens the ghosts of the past.
Director Gojko Berkuljan was shooting his first feature for almost three years, with a modest budget and outside regular modes of production. The end result is a true sensation, for it is a superb crime film that can be rightfully compared to best Scandinavian thrillers. Iskra's main assets are convincing characters and a tense story that demands full attention all the way to the harrowing finale.