Serbia; 2016; 83 min;  Serbian language with English subtitles

Friday, July 14th at 14.00h CULTURE HOUSE CINEMA

Directed by
: Filip Kovačević
Written by
: Filip Kovačević, Maša Seničić, Ivan Stančić
Cinematography by
: Uroš Milutinović
Music by
: Draško Adžić
Stojan Đorđević, Dača Vidosavljević, Sten Zendor, Vidan Dojčinović,
Bogdan Petrović, Dejan Cicmilović
Produced by
: Filip Kovačević
Production company
: Void Pictures
Genre: sci-fi, thriller

A man wakes up on a bench in a city square. Before he can find out how he ended up there, he is shot by four masked assassins. This situation repeats over and over again, each time he manages to reach a little bit further in unraveling the mystery. Will he find his way out of this hellish loop?  
Filip Kovačevič's debut feature is the most pleasant surprise of last year's regional genre film production. Tightly paced and full of exciting action scenes, it also doesn't shy away from tackling deeper existential questions. It has been successfully screened at numerous festivals, such as Raindance (UK), ScreamFest (USA), Cottbus (Germany) and Night Visions (Finland).