USA; 2016; 89 min; English language

Thursday, July 13th at 15.00h CULTURE HOUSE CINEMA

Written and directed by: Joe Dietsch, Louie Gibson
Cinematography by: Joe Dietsch
Music by: Rhyan D'Errico, Simon H. Jay
Cast: Martin Dingle Wall, Ken Lally, Kenny Wormald,
Connor Williams, Gary Sturm, C.J. Baker
Produced by: Bryson Pintard, Jeff Kalligheri, Joe Toronto
Production companies: Selective Collective, Waterstone Entertainment
Žanr: grozljivka, akcija

On the run from the consequences of a drug deal gone bad, an alcoholic finds himself in a run-down desert town where he becomes an involuntary participant in a local event – a cruel hunt for human prey. He will have to fight the deranged rednecks as well as his own addiction in order to survive.

This brutal and direct feature debut of directors Joe Dietsch and Louie Gibson doesn't hide the fact that it's inspired by classic grindhouse cinema, but unlike most contemporary films of this kind it manages to pull it off with flying colours. It has already won numerous awards at various US festivals, among them also at Screamfest in Los Angeles.