Belgium; 2017; 95 min; Dutch language with English subtitles

Wednesday, July 12th at 18.00h CULTURE HOUSE CINEMA

Written and directed by: Steve de Roover
Cinematography by:
Rulan Kurek,
Simon Noynaert
Music by
Cast: Harry Kümel, Jan Verheyen,
Jonas Govaerts, Pierre Drouot,
Rob Van Eyck, Johan Vandewoestijne
Produced by
: Steve de Roover, Kevin Hoed
Production companies:
4 Way-Films,
Genre:  documentary
Steve de Roover        Harry Kümel

In his fascinating documentary, writer-director-producer Steve De Roover, presents a connoisseur's view on the history of Flemish horror cinema, from Daughters of Darkness (1971) to Cub (2014), clearly proving how very misjudged was the attribution to the latter of being "the first Flemish horror film".

A number of inserts from the early representatives of the genre are examined. Aside from the classy interpretation of the vampire archetype theme, we witness scenes from 'splatter & gore' flicks, post-apocalyptic, slasher, nazisploitation  and women-in-prison movies, displaying dark obsessions, including necrophilia. All of this rich material is aptly intertwined with commentaries from directors, producers, composers, principal actors and genre experts. It's a valuable insight into the forgotten segment of history of Belgian cinema which established a sound foundation for the future Belgian genre production.

Steve De Roover started his career as a film critic for several national and international websites, as well as written publications. In 2013 he made his first short film Un Homme Bien. In 2014 he co-produced the short thriller Bleu alongside director Kevin Hoed. In 2015 the two production partners formed Skladanowsky production company that specializes in short films, music videos, company films, documentaries and commercials.