USA; 2016; 108 min; English language

Saturday, July 15th at 18.00h CULTURE HOUSE CINEMA

Written and directed by: Simon Rumley
Cinematography by
: Milton Kam
Music by
: Richard Chester
Cast: Amanda Fuller, Ethan Embry,
Eric Balfour, Alex Essoe, Allie DeBerry, Devin Bonnée
Produced by
: Bob Portal, Simon Rumley
Production Companies
: Alliance Media Partners,
Genre: drama, thriller
Simon Rumley          Bob Portal

Welcome to Austin, Texas and the world of vintage clothes. Shop-owner Eric loves his girlfriend April, and she loves him alright, but her love for the clothes is beyond obsession and will put her in trouble soon enough.

After a straight-up horror Johnny Frank Garrett’s Last Words, the director Simon Rumley returns to Grossmann with a more subtle approach, mixing the traditions of genre and indie filmmaking, psychological thriller and cautionary tale about obsession and addiction. Looking like a cult-classic seen on an old, washed-up VHS, psychologically dense, incredibly sexy with its clothes on and powered by a tour de force performance by its lead actress Amanda Fuller, Fashionista is an absolute must-see.

Simon Rumley rose to acclaim with The Living and the Dead (2006). His reputation of one of the most interesting contemporary British horror filmmakers was further enhanced by Red White and Blue (2010) and participation in anthologies Little Deaths (2011) and The ABCs of Death (2012). He visited Grossmann last year with horror Johnny Frank Garrett’s Last Words.

Bob Portal was educated at Cambridge and the National Film & Television School. Producing, co-producing and service producing credits include Simon Rumley's Red, White and Blue, Julian Richard's Darklands, Paul Sarossy’s Mr In-Between and Michael Radford’s The Merchant of Venice. He is a board member of the Central Film School, London, and a voting member of BAFTA.