Cinebasura: la peli
Spain; 2017; 90 min; Spanish language with English subtitles

Saturday, July 15th at 14.00h CULTURE HOUSE CINEMA

Directed by: Miguel Ángel Viruete , Paco Fox
Written by: Fernando Hugo Rodrigo
Cinematography by: Christina Moerrath
Music by: Chuck Cirino, Eli Cirino
Cast: Miguel Angel Aijón, Paco Fox, Natalia Bilbao, Carlos Zapata,
Darío Frías, Agustín Jiménez
Produced by: Patricia Comas, Miguel Angel Viruete
Production company: Pecker Audiovisuals
Genre: comedy, sci-fi

Two geeky video bloggers are sucked into a truly awful Z movie. On their return to the real world, they discover they have been pursued by the tropes of the trashy films they adore, which have begun to infect and replace the laws of our own universe.

A true trash treat spawned from podcast and TV series that unashamedly boasts its schlock film fandom and offers a constant barrage of jokes that will have the trash cinema fan in you laughing out loud. After succesfull screening at Sitges, CineBasura will conquer Grossmann and you too!