Glasba je časovna umetnost 2, LP film Buldožer - Pljuni istini u oči
Slovenia; 2017; 52 min; Slovenian language with English subtitles

Friday, July 14th at 21.00h OLD SQUARE CINEMA

Directed by: Varja Močnik
Production Company: Nord Cross Productions
Varja Močnik

Spit Truth into the Eyes is a documentary about one of the most influential Yugoslav rock albums of all time. Although recorded more than 40 years ago, the LP by band Buldožer remains relevant and continues to inspire new generations. The entire album is heard from beginning to end in the background during the film. Testimonies of band members, their friends and fans are combined with fiction, archival material and animation, thus creating a fresh and surrealistically ironic documentary.

Varja Močnik graduated in film and TV directing at AGRFT Ljubljana. After her studies, she worked at the national RTV station and on various projects of other authors. She has worked with the Kino Otok – Isola Cinema festival in various roles since its beginnings, in recent years as film curator and programmer. She has been curating programme at Slovenian Cinematheque since 2015.