Amigo, 85', Spain 2019
Language: Spanish , Subtitles: eng, slo

Amigo still

Best friends David and Javi survive a serious car accident. David gets away almost without a scratch, while Javi remains bedridden. David decides to take care of his friend in a remote house. But soon enough cracks start to appear in their friendship.

Have you ever wondered what French comedy Intouchables would look like if the two protagonists were unlikeable? Then Friend is just the right film for you, for it is an extremely tight psychological thriller in which the tension between them builds slowly but unstoppably until the emotionally charged climax. With 20 years of experience with short films and documentaries, director Óscar Martín shows all his amazing skills in his debut feature, and the same goes for both lead actors Javier Bote (Rec!, The Mummy, Crimson Peak) and David Parejo who also co-wrote the script together with the director.

Amigo poster
Directed by: Óscar Martín
Written by: Javier Botet, Óscar Martín, David Pareja
Cinematography by: Alberto Morago
Music by: Manu Conde
Cast: Javier Botet, David Pareja, Esther Gimeno, Zoe Berriatua, Alfonso Mendiguchia, Luichi Macías
Produced by: Elena Muñoz
Production Company: El Ojo Mecanico
Genre: drama, thriller

15. 07. 2020, 15:00
Culture House Cinema Ljutomer

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